Burrr! Baby it's cold outside! Bundle up that baby!

As we are approaching the colder months and winter is just around the corner, if not here in some states it has made me curious what are the best ways to bundle up your infant. Jackets? Parkas? Layers? Car seat blankets/covers? What's the right choice? What do you buy? How long will it even last your growing baby? All good questions. Since Bubsie is curious about this topic too - let's dig in! Today - we will stick to covering one-pieces! Later posts will dig into more warm weather gear! 
4 of the Best Baby One-Pieces: 
1. The North Face Nuptse 700 Fill Power Down Bunting
The first one-piece is for the chillllliest baby. The baby that is always cold and could never be overheated. *All babies can over heat so one must be careful* But if you believe your baby is running on the cooler side and you're really going to explore what winter has to offer, this is your guy! Introducing the North Face Nuptse 700 Fill Power Down Bunting. The yellow provides a very gender friendly option and the 700 fill down will keep your little one nice and roasty-toasty. This comes in at a little higher of a price tag of $160 but you'll be able to use it repeatedly and depending on your care-taking of it, for multiple children! You'll have the cutest little yellow marshmallow baby. 
2. The North Face Campshire Bear High Pile Fleece Bunting
This adorable teddy one-piece is the perfect accessory to baby when baby is running holiday errands; in and out of toasty stores, cruising in the cozy car, and staying close to mom. The North Face does it again with this adorable and perfectly plush teddy one-piece with if-need-be hand mitts and foot/ankle holes so you can accessorize with any adorable boot or slipper! Whatever keeps baby's toes most cozy! Complete with a super long zipper getting your baby in and out of this will be snap. Plus - once they're in it they'll be so snuggled up they'll love errands in all of the holiday season chaos! Not to mention, teddy is SOOO on trend and at an easy price of $70! What a fashionista, boy or girl! 
3. Ralph Lauren Childrenwear Taffeta Outerwear Bunting
This adorable one-piece is totally the cutest for showing off your smallest little babe. I believe whenever you have something that is more of a gown it is always made for the smaller and newer members of society. The gown says, I have legs, but I'm not sure how to use them, so I just keep them cozy. This one-piece is made of 650 fill power down duck feathers to keep your little sweetie warm and cozy. Due to the gown shape I believe this would also be a smashing hit in a stroller, and even has a welt opening for safety straps, but still be sure it fits easily and snuggly into the car seat, and your car seat straps still do their duty. As if that wasn't wonderful enough, the bunting bag buttons on and off, ensuring ease but possibly leading to a little air pocket for heat to escape, or you could look at the positives as it may be good for ventilation, just be on the lookout for that! This cutie comes in at a slightly high price of $155 and comes in sizes for anyone 3 to 9 months of age. 
4. SAM. Unisex Snowbunny Snowsuit with Fur-Trimmed Hood 
Are you the most boujee family on the street? Do you believe fashion matters at all ages and shouldn't be compromised? If you answered yes, then this is the one-piece for you! This SAM unisex snowbunny snowsuit is the perfect, high fashion one-piece you've been looking for! You're so over the ugly, clunky outfits winter brings, and finally, the chic factor has been introduced to outerwear and even turned up a notch! This one-piece comes with booties, a detachable belt, a raccoon fur hood where the fur trim is detachable, the hood is detachable, and the front zip closure makes it breezy to get on your squirmy little one in no time. With the real fur trim and high end brand this one-piece comes in with a high end price of $420. While it's a quite a price tag for baby outerwear, it is worth all of the head turns and cozy-cuteness your baby will receive! 
WARNING: So here's the deal folks. Baby parkas, one-pieces and jackets - these are best used when your baby is going to be outside for a long duration of time and need to stay warm. Like when your family does an adorable sledding day or builds a snowman or snow fort together, ending the day with sweet little mugs of hot cocoa. You know, those perfect Hallmark days. BUT do not, I repeat, DO NOT put these parkas and big winter coats in their car seats. This can create too much space between your little ones body and the car seat straps, making their car seat much less useful in the unfortunate event of a car accident or car crash. Car seat times call for car seat covers and many cozy, fuzzy, plush blankets that will not interfere with the security of the straps and your sweet little nugget.
Keep your little cutie roasty-toasty, cute and cozy, bundled and warm, and all the things this winter! Babies are always extra delicious when bundled up looking like a big fluffy marshmallow. Enjoy! 
Cheers! Happy Cooler Weather!