Crafts for your little turkey to remember their 1st Thanksgiving! Yay Crafternoons!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you ready? The holiday season has begun or is around the corner depending on who you ask! Holidays can be busy, stressful, chaotic, loving, fun, exciting, the best time of the year, or the worst! Again, depends who you ask! Bubsie loves the holidays and wants you to always remember them fondly! For this blog post we'll be showing you a few crafty ideas you can do to remember your little one's first Thanksgiving! Crafts? The word itself just stresses you out? Have no fear - these are easy, simple, and speedy. We know you and your little one are busy and have possibly little to zero patience. So let's bring on the fun! 

Did you say crafternoon? Absolutely! Yes I did! 

While many may say Thanksgiving isn't as big and exciting as Christmas it's still worth remembering for your little ones! So let's begin, starting off with the first crafternoon idea, the Baby Foot Turkey. This craft idea can be found on Pinterest in a variety of ways. You can print your baby's foot on a canvas, clay, a dinner/serving plate of any sort, or a piece of paper. This will allow you to remember the sweet, delicate, barely believable tiny size that your baby's foot once was. You then will add the turkey body with paper, paint, very thin clay, burlap, or really anything brown. If you chose to do your baby's foot prints on paper, I recommend framing or laminating the artwork. Framing or laminating will keep your baby's precious artwork safe and if you laminate it, you can even use it as a placemat for years to come! A friendly reminder, always date your baby's artwork, and throw in the city/state you're living in too incase you happen to move! More information never hurt anyone's memory! 

foot turkey thanksgiving bubsie craft


The second craft to savor your baby's first Thanksgiving focuses on those cute, tiny hands. It is quite similar to the first craft but the paint will go on your baby's hands. Again, you can put this art on a plate, a canvas, a hearty piece of card stock, or a fancy paper arrangement as displayed below. For the turkey feathers you can use as many or as few colors as you'd like or as your baby's hand is willing to tolerate. For this craft, again I recommend dating the piece so you know which Thanksgiving your baby had the tiniest hands you can hardly remember! In the image below, the artwork was laminated and then used as a placemat, which is always wonderful because it brings the artwork to the table! The above and beyond step here is to do your craft on a framable format as well as a placemat format so you can enjoy the art in multiple locations! Then you'll be one step closer to winning Thanksgiving! (It's not a competition but maybe it is?)

 The final crafternoon we have for your little one to make their first Thanksgiving memorable is the baby hand wreath. This one is for the mom with maybe a little too much time on her hands (doesn't exist I know) but it definitely takes more effort than craft #1 and craft #2, lots of cutting, then some assembling. You'll want to make many tiny baby hand prints, you'll have to do some guessing/estimating based on the size of your baby's hands and the size you want the wreath to be. This is additionally for the over achieving baby as they will have to be sleeping or patient as the painted hand prints needed will be excessive. Once you have the hand prints created, you'll need to cut and assemble. As you can see below, you don't have to cut in between the fingers, which saves some time, but you'll need to cut just the general outline. Then you'll need to do some gluing. You can glue your hands in a circle or find a sturdy circle form at the local crafts store to glue to ensuring the perfect circular shape. But - if you want to include a beautiful ribbon to add some fall flare, it is suggested to definitely buy the sturdy circle structure and wrap your ribbon around before gluing your baby hand prints on. Then - you will have your beautiful baby hand wreath. Perfect for your fall and Thanksgiving decor. Also - don't forget to date this, maybe on the back somewhere or on the ribbon! There you have it! Complete! 


Hopefully, after reading this blog post you feel like you've got a good handle on the best crafts that will make your baby's first Thanksgiving memorable or at least have a memory that will last a lifetime from your baby's small feet or hands. A fun fact, I'd like to add, your baby would be best doing these crafts in a Bubsie one-piece. Why you ask? Because, a spill or stain is SO hard to find on the beautiful yet busy Bubsie prints. Now your baby can craft for Thanksgiving while at the same time being incredibly fashionable. What more could you want? Happy Thanksgiving to all!