Organic Cotton - What’s the big deal?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the options available in the world, let alone fabrics in the clothing industry? Cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, polyester, elastane, modal, rayon, there are so many fabrics available! From what use to be just clothing, outfits, and shopping has turned into an economical and moral dilemma involving chemicals, what’s eco friendly, and what’s best for you or your baby (depending who you’re shopping for). With so many options it’s so hard to know whats the best, the benefits each fabric has and why they have varying costs. After all, you’re a busy powerhouse of a person who wants what’s best for you and your baby, you’re not looking to do a deep dive into the retail industry!

While there’s enough information in the world/on the Google machine to do an incredibly informative and elaborate write up or presentation on all the fabrics listing their pros/cons that could probably go on for hours, even days, I’m going to focus this blog post specifically on organic cotton and even more specifically for babies. I also plan to keep this short and sweet, because I don’t believe you should spend your whole day reading about organic cotton. You’ve got other things to do!

Organic items have become a very hot topic, popular trend, and to some, it’s not even a trend, it’s a lifestyle and way of living. Almost every industry has moved into an organic direction and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down; organic clothing, foods, cleaning products and more! Being organic, while the cost is generally higher than non-organic items, quite often consumers feel the extra cost is worth the non-chemical filled product they are receiving, keeping themselves and their family’s healthier.

While what we as adults choose to consume and wear may not always be the healthiest or most eco friendly option, there is never any question which option a parent would prefer for their baby. Parents always prefer organic, eco friendly, or whatever benefits their baby the most. Parents love giving their babies the best and healthiest options at any and every given point. Parents, the caring and loving people they are, want to start their babies off on the right foot and those healthy choices are a part of every aspect of their lives, ranging from food to clothing to nursery products, soaps, lotions, swaddles, and more.

So if you choose to make the healthy choice of purchasing organic cotton vs. nonorganic cotton what are the benefits you ask? Well according to Dr. Gervaise Gerstner a New York Dermatologist in a Reader’s Digest article found here, she says, “Babies have a high ratio of skin surface area to body volume which means they absorb chemicals easier. In addition their skin is 30% thinner than adults, too.” She then adds that since their skin is thinner it makes it easier to absorb harmful commercially produced chemicals and synthetic chemicals, further stating that synthetic fabrics should be avoided all together for babies. Luckily for everyone in the United States we are very strict on what can be called organic cotton. The Natural Organic Program (found here) states the clothing/fabric must be 95% free of chemicals and pesticides. In addition to not having chemicals and pesticides on your baby’s skin some of the other benefits of organic cotton are listed as follows: durability (organic cotton is equally as durable as non-organic cotton), it provides less impact on the environment (farming organically puts less stress on nature because farmers are detoxifying the land), and lastly organic cotton provides more comfort for babies (organic cotton is soft, will adjust to your baby’s needs no matter what the weather, will keep your baby happy by wicking away moisture, is a very breathable fabric since the organic cotton has small air vents, and lastly will ventilate air through said small fabric vents to keep your baby cool or warm and cozy). All of these benefits found here can also be found in this Gerber 4 Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes article found here.

Speaking of organic cotton, this is a friendly reminder that Bubsie only uses organic cotton. We believe your baby’s comfort and keeping pesticides and chemicals off of their sweet soft skin is critical to their health and well being. Bubsie wants to keep your baby looking smashing while remaining cozy and healthy!

While this article only skimmed the surface of all of the benefits organic cotton has, I hope this got you to a jumping off point for more research if you’re interested in really doing a deep dive!


xoxo Bubsie