The Holiday Season is upon us! Bubsie Top 5 Halloween Baby Costumes

Pumpkin spice, fall leaves, fall trees, cooler temps, pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween, trick-or-treating, it's all F I N A L L Y here! Bubsie loves all things fall because it's the unofficial start to the holiday season! Yippee! 

Are you ready? Do you have your baby's costume all set and ready to go? 

If you're answer is yes, well, let us give you a round of applause! That's very impressive. You're a real go-getter! If you're not quite ready for Halloween, do not fear, Bubsie has some fun ideas here! 

Idea #1: Pottery Barn Kids Baby Dog Costume: 

 This costume is so adorable and such an effortless winner. Being a Baby Dog (some people refer to this as a puppy) means that your baby will be as cute as a button, get all the adoring looks from parents, and it means your baby will stay warm. While this costume at full price is $69, it is currently on sale for $51, and is a wonderfully cozy option. What's the best part about this costume? You can EASILY fit a Bubsie baby one-piece underneath ensuring extra warmth. I don't know about you, but at Bubsie we believe Halloween should be fun and enjoyable no matter what the temperature!

Idea #2: Party City Baby Dumbo Costume

Do you love Disney? Does it bring you back to your childhood? Bubsie does! Luckily for all of us Disney continues to recreate the originals and we're so excited! In addition the movies, to keep the Disney fun going - there are Disney themed costumes for your little ones! This Baby Dumbo costume Bubsie loves for any baby who is ready to make everyone chuckle while keeping comfy and cozy! If Halloween is looking pretty chilly in your neck of the woods this costume may be the perect option! Still feel like your baby may be cold? Don't worry - you can easily layer a Bubsie one-piece in there. It's always comforting placing organic cotton on your baby instead of an unknown costume fabric. Enjoy your little circus elephant!


Idea #3: Twins? We've got a costume for that! The Amazon option. 

Condiments - everyone needs and loves condiments for their food! What usually comes in multiples besides condiments? Twins! This is a great costume if you've got multiples because it's fun and easy! Not to mention on days when you're not wearing a Bubsie one-piece you can just be Ketchup or Mustard for the day! While this costume may not blow away everyone with creativity, remember, you have young twin babies - you're busy enough! 

Idea #4: Triplets you say? We've got a costume for all 3! The Etsy option.

Well that was easy! Just add another condiment - as stated earlier - they come in multiples! These colorful yet adorable outfits can be found on Etsy for anywhere from $17.99 to $34.99. The below costumes are best used in warm climates or for indoor family Halloween parties. Lastly, we'd like to warn you, you'll need to keep a close eye on your little ones so they don't end up on someones burger or hotdog!


Idea #5: Baby Padded Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - GhostBusters. Party City

I mean - this costume is just too good to be true. If you thought your baby was a puffy, chunky bundle of adorable love, this costume takes all of that to another level! This Party City option ranges in sizes from 0-24 months and is an easy to swallow $24.99 price point. Your baby will stay super cozy (especially if you throw a Bubsie one-piece on underneath) and will be the cutest nugget at the party! What issue does this costume bring on - spills, after all the costume is white! (Totally not bragging, but Bubsie onesies totally hide spills- just throwing that out there). But don't sweat the spills, it's Halloween after all. Just enjoy the cuddly bundle of love your baby will be....and maybe some Reese's Pumpkins!


Phew that was a lot of cuteness! If you're gearing up for Halloween hopefully this gets you started and off on an excited and inspired foot! I mean - it's pretty hard to mess up a baby Halloween costume because luckily they're adorable to begin with! Good luck, happy shopping, and happy early Halloween!