Tips and Tricks for Trick-or-Treating with Little Ones

As we all know, Halloween is coming up! The jack-o-lanterns are out, the Halloween/Fall/Ghostly decor is out, all the major stores have isles of candy on markdown, and the kids are all (or almost/sort of) costume ready! 

If you're going out trick-or-treating with a baby or young ones here are a few things to consider in regards to the evening ahead.

First idea: If you are planning on going out around the neighborhood to be jolly, holiday-involved, and show off your cute baby, reconsider. Maybe you or your spouse are staying home to hand out candy? I recommend leaving the baby home to be seen and showed-off in the comfort of your own home framed by your own front door. Your sweet little baby will be the highlight for all the trick-or-treaters stopping by your home! Trick-or-treating can be chilly, can be long, and can be tiring from all of the fresh air, so if you can leave the baby home and take your other kids out, that would probably be best. Additional benefits of leaving baby home; you can put baby to sleep, feed baby, keep baby warm, and not risk getting baby chilled resulting in sickness.

Second idea: If you cannot leave baby home be sure to bundle baby up. While your baby is sure to be an absolute show stopper in his/her costume don't forget to bundle your baby up (if living in cool weathered areas, if warm weathered areas think sunscreen). Layer your baby in multiple breathable layers (a fine example we can think of is a Bubsie one-piece, organic breathable cotton, fun colors under your little one's costume, and a great layering piece) so if it is cool out your baby is perfect, but if it is warmer than you expected you can take away layer by layer as needed. Additionally a blanket or two is always a great idea to ensure baby's warmth.

Third idea: Go early. For young children with early bedtimes there is no need to throw off their routine and sleep schedule by keeping them out late. By all means if your child can adjust easily then go for it (especially if Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday) but otherwise, just go earlier while it's still daylight and your little ones can still have a piece or two of candy, and still get to bed on time (I get it I sound crazy but let's be optimistic). Going early also can mean more daylight, which means less bugs, less tripping, less potential for cars to not see you and your little ones, as well as less tweens/teens out potentially causing trouble. If you have little ones, just go early.  

Fourth idea: Be sure to go through your children's candy collections before they start eating. As we all are aware, people in the world are weird and unfortunately sometimes they come a little too close for comfort in our community, neighborhoods, friends of friends, etc. Just for peace of mind, go through your children's candy bag and throw away all of the candy that looks tampered with or somehow is already opened. It will probably be 1% or less of the total candy haul, but it's definitely worth it. Please do this. 

Fifth idea: If you're like me and have zero to less than zero self-discipline towards candy, have your little ones pick ten of there favorite pieces and put each child's favorites in their own jar. They can focus on those ten pieces and a piece per day over the next ten days while you take the rest to work, to church, to a playgroup, to donate someway somehow, after of course taking a few pieces yourself. Bringing it to work is idea number one (best idea) as many young adults without children will thank you for your sugary surprise!

Last idea: Have fun! Halloween is a fun annual holiday (as most usually are) where kids get to be whoever or whatever they want to be and burn off energy running through the neighborhood. Embrace it! Let your little unicorn or Mario Cart player (am I dating myself, I'm really not that "old" just an old soul) run, be excited, scream a little, and enjoy some candy. They're only young once so take some pictures and embrace the chaos. 

Cheers! Happy Trick-or-treating! Be Safe!