What Should My Baby's Wardrobe Look Like: Item 5 - Dresses (Girls Post)

Building your baby wardrobe can be overwhelming as we've touched on previously but one thing to always have: baby dresses (I will do an exclusive baby boy post to offset this baby girl post).  Baby dresses are a must have in a baby wardrobe especially in the warm months of the year. Since they're so versatile dresses can be worn all year long. 

Bubsie Onesie Building A Baby Wardrobe Blog Dresses Embroidered Yoke Dress Tucker + Tate

Summer Dresses: Summer dresses are perhaps the easiest outfit your baby can wear. You can quickly and easily toss on a baby dress with a diaper, a cute sandal, and you're off to the races! Baby dresses provide great comfort for your little one as it keeps them cool in that warm summer heat, and not to mention they're incredibly adorable. While a baby wearing a sundress is great for keeping them cool in the summer heat, they may not be so great when you run a quick errand and enter the icebox (any department store, grocery store, in the summertime). Obviously, no one wants their baby to freeze, so an easy baby cardigan or sweater can be added for a cute touch of warmth. Summer dresses are usually most chic in bright gingham, stripes, pastels, florals, smocked with a monogram, or halter top dresses. Baby halter top dresses are usually off the charts in heartbreakingly cute. Summer dresses are just a no-brainer for warm weather months, and not to mention they can sometimes come with a cute diaper bloomer to match the dress and hide the diaper bum.

Bubsie Onesie Building a Baby Wardrobe Blog x Disney Dumbo Fit & Flare Dress PIPPA & JULIE

Autumn/Winter Dresses: Autumn and winter dresses are where mom's who really want to style a complete baby outfit can really shine. These are the seasons where your baby truly needs more than a diaper and a dress to stay warm - especially if you're living in a place that has a true winter season. Long sleeve dresses, long dresses, velvet dresses, dresses with fur details, wool dresses, plaid printed dresses, pleated dresses, and the options go on. Not to mention the addition of extra extra cute holiday outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas (babies dressed for Christmas always gets me). For Autumn/Winter/Holiday outfits you'll want to start with the dress. Once you've got the dress, pleated, plaid, velvet, whatever it may be then you'll want to address the accessories. First - you'll want to address whether or not the dress is scratchy in any way (we hope it's not but fashion can be), in the case it is scratchy and itchy, you'll definitely want to layer a plain organic cotton one-piece underneath. Next you'll want to decide what kind of tights or leggings you'll want to put under the dress. Babies in chilly months wearing dresses should definitely be wearing a tight or legging to keep warm. Next - you'll need to select if the dress can carry itself on it's own - or if an over the top furry vest or jacket are needed. Lastly, the shoes, shoes that fit over the tights and leggings if they have footies or over the cute designated socks you've selected. Once you've picked all of that- your babe is set and the seasons/holidays may continue! 

Bubsie Onesie Building a Baby Wardrobe Blog Dresses Gap Baby Ruffle Sweater Dress

Dresses are such an easy answer to so many baby outfit needs - don't forget to accessorize!

But maybe you're not a dress person, too girly, too frilly, too annoying? I get it! I've got the perfect solution you've been longing for - a Bubsie one-piece. Bubsie one-pieces with their bright and bold patterns made of only organic cotton can be the perfect alternative. Not too frilly, not too girly, but just right with the perfect detail of a scalloped collar. With the full coverage sleeves and pants, and the beautiful exclusive Bubsie print your girl will be knocking the socks off everyone in the room!