What Should My Baby's Wardrobe Look Like: Item 4 - Baby Socks & Slippers

Everyone loves cute little baby feet and cute little baby toes which leads into the next topic of creating your baby's wardrobe which is baby socks and baby slippers. 

While baby feet are so cute and chubby sometimes covering them with socks and slippers are the best way to keep a baby snuggled up and roasty-toasty. 

Let's start with baby socks. Baby socks are needed to keep baby toes warm and cozy when your baby's outfit doesn't have footies, or if it's very cold, you may want to put socks on inside your babies footies. While baby socks seem like a somewhat not exciting topic because socks are socks, think again. Baby socks have come a long way - from being plain and white to now being quite an accessory to a baby outfit.

There are still the bread and butter of baby socks, plain colored that go up just above the ankle and those are wonderful to have, but now there are so many options so while those are essential to have, don't forget the other fun options!

You can get what I call the Christopher Robin socks usually found being worn by the Royal babies these days that are knee high and adorable on any sized baby/infant/toddler. For being a plain, white, knee high sock, they have a subtle class about them and provide a proper English look.

Bubsie Onesie Blog Building a Baby Wardrobe Smockingbird Children Socks

Next, there are socks that look like a little shoe already on your babies foot. These are really a hit when your baby is so small no shoe seems to stay on or shoes aren't even really necessary at this point in your baby's non-mobile life. They can look like a little ballet slipper, they can look like a fancy dress shoe, a tennis shoe, a converse-like shoe, and so much more. These I would categorize as an "Event Sock" because they're for showing off your bundle of joy (if you're unaware of "Event" outfits and accessories please reference my blog post about "Event One-Pieces"). Event socks can not only look like a shoe but have a bow on them, a pompom on them, rattles on them, animals on them, or ruffles on them. Event socks are basically just an over the top sock that the fashion lovers appreciate and respect.

Bubsie Blog Building a Baby Wardrobe Nordstrom Cherry Blossom Rattle Socks

Lastly, there are baby slippers. While baby slippers are not taking up a huge market share in the world of baby retail, I believe are great to have at the ready if your baby suggests spending a cozy weekend by the fire at a lodge up in the mountains. Brands like NorthFace, Hunter, Minnetonka Moccasins, and UGG provide great slipper options. When looking for slippers it is also a great idea to consider slippers with a grippy bottom/sole so your mobile mover can get where they need to be without a wipe out. 

Bubsie Onesie Building a Baby Wardrobe Blog Baby UGG SlippersBubsie Onesies Building a Baby Wardrobe Blog Baby Slippers North Face

While the world of baby socks and slippers has really come a long way in the last few years - it's always important to remember to check the insides of socks and slippers to ensure no loose threads. Loose threads can lead to a terrible outcome of tiny baby toes strangulation and really damage your baby's precious foot. I believe it's better to be cautious and check insides of socks/slippers than to be filed with regret wishing you had when it's too late. 

Get shopping for your socks and slippers! 

Side note: All of these cute sock/slipper ideas are really a nice touch for when your baby is wearing an adorable Bubsie one-piece. Bubsie one-pieces with their bold and bright patterns do not come with footies to ensure a baby with the legs of a goddess can still crush it at life. While not having footies to make sure the future model babies can wear them, they still are made of soft and luxurious organic cotton. You're wondering if anything could make the Bubsie one-piece cuter? The answer is nothing, but if you're up for a challenge, add any sock or slipper and watch the magic.