What Should My Baby's Wardrobe Look Like: Item 1 - Basic and Simple Onesies/One-Pieces

Many expecting and new parents are not sure where to start when beginning their baby's wardrobe (and we don't blame you - you're having a baby and that's enough excitement in itself). You're receiving beautiful gifts from friends and family but the gifts may not cover the entirety of the wardrobe your new babe needs! It can be a daunting and overwhelming task as you may not have even established a successful wardrobe of your own. But I am here to tell you you can do it, you just need to break it down - and I'm here to do the heavy lifting for you! 

Let's start with the basics (well - the real basics are diapers - but that's a conversation for another blog post) ONE-PIECES - basic and simple one-pieces. 

One-pieces come in all different styles; long sleeves, short sleeves, plain, patterned, one-pieces with pant legs, one-pieces without pant legs, one-pieces that snap, one-pieces that zip, these are all needed. Believe me, you'll want to have a sturdy supply of one-pieces. From every parent I've ever met you always hear the same thing, "We go through so many outfits a day, from spit up to diaper blowouts, the outfits are constantly changing and the laundry is constantly going."

One-pieces are great to wear on their own (weather permitting) or great for layering when the crisp days of Fall are starting to trickle in. While one-pieces are a great basic for layering or to wear on their own - it's important to remember that this is the fabric that will be closest to your babies skin and since baby skin can be very sensitive remember to check your tags and labels. While there are many fabric options such as cotton, bamboo, and cashmere, cotton has always been a popular choice among parents. Cotton is is gentle, absorbent, and breathable. Organic cotton has also become a very popular choice since it is free of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizer. Additionally, cotton (or better yet organic cotton) is a great option for a one-piece for its easy washability. Cotton can be washed in hot or cold water depending on how deep of clean you need. From playing in the sand to a terrible bout of baby vomit, cotton will always be easier to clean than a more delicate fabric. 

Now you might say, while we know that we need to stock up on basic and simple one-pieces you may ask where one may get these? The answer is easy - all your favorite major department stores (Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Saks) or the glorious land of Target. 

Gerber Baby Onesie - Target

Above: Gerber Onesies - Target 

Macys First Impressions Baby Boys Elephants Body Suits

Above: First Impression Baby Boy Body Suits - Macys

Bubsie Baby Onesie Wardrobe Vineyard Vines

Above: Nordstrom Vineyard Vines Vintage Whale Pocket Bodysuit

Let's not forget- while these basic one-pieces are great to have and can double as great layering pieces when the weather gets cooler, Bubsie one-pieces can do the heavy lifting as well. With long sleeves and full pants your baby will stay warm in a bright, bold pattern that will make everyone around you burst into smiles. Not to mention - with the fabric being organic cotton your baby's sensitive skin will be bursting into smiles as well. 

Look at you! You're on your way to step one of the baby wardrobe essential - basic layering baby one-pieces. You're now going to have a large stock of items your baby will comfortably sleep in, spit up in, burp in, cuddle in, and maybe even have a nice diaper blow out in. 

You can do it!