What Should My Baby's Wardrobe Look Like: Item 2 - Baby Pants

When building your baby's wardrobe the second item that you should have in their closet should be baby pants. Babies need pants just like you and I need pants. Baby pants are a basic building block in a baby's closet. They're needed and necessary for some of your babies outfits, but are a basic building block in the way that they're not the most exciting item out there to buy. 

Baby pants are great for your baby when they're wearing a one-piece without pant legs to give your baby some warmth or even more necessary if your little one is wearing a pint sized t-shirt. Baby pants usually are solid, striped, polka dots, jogger style, jegging style, or maybe even have a zesty print on them - depending on where you shop. Some pants even now have enforced knee fabric for your baby doing all the crawling, footies attached at the bottom, or an extra detail of ruffles on the buns to keep your baby young and playful. 

Bubsie Building a Wardrobe Blog Rufflebutt Pants

When buying baby pants, it's always important to check the tags and labels, as these pants will be against that delicate baby skin. Most baby pants are viscose, cotton, or organic cotton to ensure comfort for those little baby legs. You always will want to make sure the waistline isn't too tight on that cute little belly and if there are footies, always make sure there are not loose pieces of thread in the feet that could cause potential strangulation to those tiny toes.

Bubsie Baby Pants Building a Baby Wardobe Blog - Nordstrom Fleece Sweatpants Tucker + Tate

Baby pants - again, you're going to want to have a decent assortment as the spills and messes will be sure to happen no matter how careful you are. Babies are babies and babies are messy, but at least they're cute! 

Bubsie Building a Wardrobe Blog Pants Mini Boden Woven Pants

But hey - say you're not into baby pants - don't forget about the Bubsie one-piece! With full pants, long sleeves, organic cotton, and a bright bold pattern you cannot go wrong. Baby pants may not be for everyone, but Bubsie one-pieces most definitely are for everyone. 

Go build that baby wardrobe!