What Should My Baby's Wardrobe Look Like: Item 3 - Event One-Pieces

For the easy steps of creating your baby's wardrobe thus far we have covered basic one-pieces and baby pants if you've been following along with us, next up - we have another type of one-piece your baby's closet most definitely needs: Event One-Pieces. 

Event one-pieces are the one-pieces in your baby's closet that are usually a little more high maintenance to wash, a little more delicate, more expensive, hopefully better quality, and worn for special occasions. These are the outfits that say, hello, I've brought my adorable baby in this amazing outfit and he's/she's here to be fawned over and held by everyone (everyone without germs that is). These event one-pieces are in the special category because they can be a higher price point, monogrammed, smocked, embroidered with ducks and cows, you name it, if it's more than a basic layering one-piece that's getting spit up on daily, it's an event one-piece. 

Event one-pieces are where Bubsie thrives. Bubsie ensures a bright, bold pattern so everyone knows your baby has arrived all while keeping your baby in soft and gentle organic cotton. Earlier I mentioned that sometimes an event one-piece is one that has more delicate feel to it or is more challenging to wash without ruining it- perhaps it may be dry clean only, and don't get me wrong, you will definitely have those in your baby's closet especially after a shower. But I'm here to tell you this is where the Bubsie one-piece will really shine because with it being organic cotton - it's an easy wash and an easy clean up! Not to toot my own horn, but the collar on both the boys and girls one-pieces will really stick out - they are unique and completely adorable. 

The last point to note about the event one-piece is that the event one-piece is less about your baby's comfort and more about looking the part (Bubsies are an exception to this but let's stay humble). While we would hope you would never put your baby in something scratchy, itchy, or something with harsh embroidery, event one-pieces can be just that - a little uncomfortable, possibly like the social event your going to. You're there to show your baby off in a bold way, and the bold fashion designers may not have taken into consideration the delicate nature of your baby's skin. To put it frankly, event one-pieces are the Spanx of one-pieces, (again excluding the luxurious Bubsie one-pieces) they're doing their job making your baby look smashing, but you know your baby (and maybe yourself, maybe yourself in Spanx furthermore) is not feeling 100% comfortable. 

Bubsie Baby Onesies Rompers

Where does one wear an event one-piece? Event one-pieces are necessary for baby showers, all major holidays (Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, etc.), yachting, the country club, Sunday brunch, Derby parties, and birthdays. If your baby is attending any of these events, it is critical to wear an event one-piece so your baby is the best looking baby in any photos that may be taken during the event. Having the cutest baby is definitely something to strive for, but not everything in life is a competition... Or is it?

Now that you're completely knowledgable about event one-pieces - I suggest stocking up on some Bubsie's as your next event to showcase your cute baby may be closer than you think!